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Frumenti & Sons offers Trex Fencing for our discerning Bay Area customers because we know most of you want an upgrade to your lifestyles. From fencing around a backyard to privacy railing and screens, Trex Fencing adds a beautiful design flair to your property while also providing important benefits that wood or vinyl fencing cannot.

Your Yard Deserves the Best - Trex Fenci


Trex is made to withstand hurricane force winds, has a Class B fire rating, and isn't bothered by heat, cold, humidity, or insects. 


The Greenest Fence. Trex contains 95% recycled content and is made with industry-leading sustainable manufacturing. 


Traditionally, redwood has been the fence material of choice in the Bay Area. It's available locally and has a beautiful, natural look when it's installed. However, wood takes a tremendous amount of effort to maintain, repair, and replace. Over time, that maintenance consumes a lot of time and money. Other than periodic cleaning, Trex doesn't require much. Enjoy your weekends instead of worrying about your fence. With Trex, you have no painting, no staining, and no rot.


The two Trex composite fencing designs offer privacy in either a vertical or horizontal configurations. Seclusions vertical fencing has an attractive cap-and-trim look with the top and bottom rails combining with the posts to create a picture-frame appearance. Horizons horizontal fencing has a contemporary look with a sleek black metal frame with horizontal boards. Both have a unique board-on-board design that creates beautiful shadow lines, privacy and additional strength.

Woodland Brown Seclusions Privacy Screen

The posts are one of the best secrets of the Trex fence. Unlike vinyl or other composite posts, Trex is thick and durable. The posts do not require any internal reinforcement up to 8' tall, but because they are hollow, they can be used interchangeably as sleeves for installations on top of decks or walls. Also, the Trex posts can be combined with ornamental panels or other materials to give a striking complementary appearance with the additional strength other posts can't provide.

Trex fencing is available in three colors: Saddle (tan), Winchester Grey (slate grey), and Woodland Brown (dark brown). The product is backed by a 25-year warranty against manufacturing defects. Trex is the oldest decking and fencing composite manufacturer and continues to innovate with materials and designs that lead the industry.

Trex Fencing on a slope1 near me.jpg

We observe that the typical Bay Area consumer is gravitating towards low maintenance manufactured products. Unlike our competition, we embrace that growing trend.

Our Bay Area customers are busy and have demonstrated that they do not want to waste valuable time replacing and maintaining fences and decks. That's why we are one of the few deck builders to promote and install composites.

While a wood fence or deck may look beautiful when it is initially installed, it has already begun the process of decaying from the very first day. Wouldn't you rather enjoy your weekends gardening, sampling the cuisine of our fantastic local restaurants, visiting Golden Gate Park, or just relaxing in your home rather than dealing with the mess and hard labor of fixing your fence or deck?

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