The Benefits of Remodeling

Have you been living in your home for over five years? Is your family growing or the kids getting older? Maybe the kids are getting ready to go off to college? There are a number of reasons why you may be considering a remodeling project for your home and these remodels can have various benefits that you may not even realize.


The Top Rooms To Remodel To Increase Your Home's Value:



The kitchen to many home buyers is the epicenter of the home. It is where they will most likely spend a majority of their time and will be the only place they will rarely be able to get the whole family in one space. Investing in a mid-price level kitchen remodeling job can actually have double the return you put into it. When remodeling your kitchen you will want to take into

consideration storage space, layout (most buyers want more open spaces with a dining area off to the side of the kitchen area), how the flow of foot traffic will easily move and the kitchen island.

Kitchen islands are becoming a common staple in many homes

and this can be a huge selling attraction for your home. You can

consider having a mobile kitchen island designed that will give

home buyers the option of where they want it.



Bathroom remodels like kitchens can most times see double and

even triple returns on the investment. When it comes to bathroom

remodeling the first thing you will want to take into consideration

depends on if you have the right number of bathrooms in your

home. Many homes come with two bathrooms and if your home

only has one than it may be wiser to invest in adding another

bathroom instead of remodeling the one you have. Some of the

key features you should consider as well is replacing the tub with

a stand up steam shower. If you have the space consider have a separate tub and shower area. Though hot baths are a great luxury most times people do not have the time for a bath and if your bathroom lacks a shower capability, this can be a huge turn off for many home buyers.



In most housing markets the more space you add to your house the more value your home can have. Typically adding an additional 1000 square feet to your home can bump up its value by almost thirty percent. The most attractive feature you can add to your home is a sun room but extending the master bedroom, adding an additional bedroom or remodeling to convert a space into a hobby or home office can be highly attractive to homebuyers.


Reasons To Remodel:


As a homeowner you may have a list of reasons why you would

like to remodel your home. Remodeling jobs can be from a single

room make over to an exterior facelift. Remodeling your home can

make it feel like you just moved into a new home or can add the

additional space you desperately need. The most common reasons

people chose to remodel are:


1 Many individuals become bored with the interior of their homes

once they have lived there for a long amount of time. Doing a few

simple remodeling jobs can bring a breath of fresh air into a home.

Maybe you want new wood floors or to knock out a few walls?

Most times homeowners love the home they have created but it

does need to be updated every once in awhile.


2 If you find your home is becoming too disorganized than a remodel job can easily provide you with additional storage spaces, closets and even rooms. Whether you are growing your family or just need more space to keep everything de-cluttered, remodeling your home can provide you with a number of options for different rooms in your home.


3 In many cases remodeling jobs can also help you be more energy efficient. From insulation to installing energy saving appliances and windows can help you cut back a huge amount in utility bills each year.


Though you can have many reasons to remodel your home you will want to make sure you spend your money in the proper places. If you plan on reselling, then make sure you consider the value remodeling can add to your home and be aware of the ways you can decrease the value as well. If you are not planning on selling you home then be sure all the maintenance, and the structure of the home is up to date before putting money into other areas of the home. Though your dream kitchen would be nice it may be wiser to fix the leaky roof or prevent the basement from flooding again first.


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